Monthly Archive for December, 2009

Beware of Falling Debris


I wonder what we should beware of? Falling debris? Obsolete electronics coming back to life? What he might be keeping in that camper?

Location: Spokane, WA

Photo by Flickr user chrstphre used under Creative Commons.

Contributed by: Dawn Foster

Stonehenge Lawn


A crazy German neighbor who decided to make a stonehenge like creation on his front lawn. He said his mower was too small so he needed less lawn.

Location: Sterling, MA

Photo and description by Flickr user bucklava used under Creative Commons.

Contributed by: Dawn Foster

$65,000 BMW and a $10 Ramp Made Out of Boards


I can’t help but laugh every time I pass this driveway. Anyone who can afford to drive a $65,000 BMW should be able to afford a better solution to get it in the driveway. It’s been like this for at least a year, so it’s not just a temporary fix.

Location: Portland, OR

Contributed by: Dawn Foster

Vicious Dog Named “Girlfriend”


2.8 seconds my ass. This dog hit the fence like she was fired from a gun, and let us know under no circumstances would she let us through or near her territory. Not even if we gave her steaks. Steaks would be the appetizer, our legs would’ve been the main course. The neighbors, of course, thought me jumping backwards across the street was hilarious. I asked what the dog’s name was … “Girlfriend”.

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Photo and description by Flickr user Hryck used under Creative Commons.

Contributed by: Dawn Foster

Soapbox Derby Vehicle Parked in the Neighborhood


This is the kind of thing you see when taking a walk in Portland.

Location: Portland, OR

Contributed by: Sue Brown

Note from Dawn: I saw them testing this up on Mt. Tabor right before the soapbox derby last year.

Scene of the Crime: Missing Bulbs

missing bulbs

Some crazy person methodically took all of the bulbs from our strand of Christmas lights. They also did this to 5 of our neighbors.

Location: San Jose, CA USA

Contributed by: Scott

No Mercy for Neighbors Who Steal Clothes

Clothes Thief
So, tonight was laundry night and I noticed that somebody had put a polite notice upon the door addressed to somebody else who had “borrowed” his or her clothes from the dryer.

Photo by Flickr User Afroswede used under Creative Commons.

Location: Denton, TX

Contributed by: Dawn Foster

Crazy Ladies And Their Lawn Ornaments

crazy ladies

We lived in the upper half of a duplex and our crazy neighbors piled every piece of tacky crap into our shared lawn as you can imagine. Small wire fences, barrel pots, arches, ceramic deer and even a pink flamingo (not pictured). Not only that, but they were awful to live above. They called the police on us twice for “walking loudly.”

Location: Pullman, WA USA

Contributed by: Lance Haun

Peruvian Landscaping


As we prepared to sell our house, our Peruvian neighbor assembled this heap of garbage in front of her house. Note the Christmas Lights on the rain gutters, but the picture was taken in August!

Location: Aloha, Oregon, USA

Contributed by: Dan Bullard

The Crazy Neighbor Needs Your Help!

I’m starting to run out of ideas for pictures, so I need you (yes, you) to submit pictures of your crazy neighbor. I’m encouraging your to head out of the house with your camera today and snap a few pictures of that crazy neighbor. Most of us have at least one crazy person in our neighborhood, and we want to see pictures of your crazy neighbor!

Crazy Neighbor Montage

Photo Credits: