$65,000 BMW and a $10 Ramp Made Out of Boards


I can’t help but laugh every time I pass this driveway. Anyone who can afford to drive a $65,000 BMW should be able to afford a better solution to get it in the driveway. It’s been like this for at least a year, so it’s not just a temporary fix.

Location: Portland, OR

Contributed by: Dawn Foster

3 Responses to “$65,000 BMW and a $10 Ramp Made Out of Boards”

  • 1) not a $65K BMW, a nice classic but not $65K worth
    2) ever try to get a permit for this type of construction in Portland? It will only take a couple years and several thousand dollars to get the permits. I guess this means the permit could still be going through the process.

  • That almost looks like the E1 that came out at the 1992 LA Motorshow.

  • I’m told that it’s a Dinan M3 hardtop by someone else in the neighborhood. It’s a little hard to tell from the picture.

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