Repurposed Halloween Decorations

Repurposed Halloween DecorationsCleverly kept up their Halloween decorations and just made them “Christmas-y” by adding Santa hats (okay submitted by the actual owner not the neighbor, but our neighbors would if they knew about the website!).

Location: Portland, OR

Submitted by: D

2 Responses to “Repurposed Halloween Decorations”

  • Crazy and proud of it! I approve.

  • And really, what’s more Christmas-y than giant spiders with festive Santa hats? We’ve since added blood red Christmas lights, I’m sure they’ll be added to the Halloween decor next year. There was supposed to be web on the hedges fluffed up to look like snow but it was too dirty (realistic snow!). Some day we will be “that” house, you know the one, our neighbors will be like “we’re 3 down from the blue house with the weird spiders, you can’t miss it”.

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