Tin Foil House and Deliveries from Aliens?

Tin Foil House

This house always perplexes me. Why the tin foil? What’s going on in there? It looked really cool in the evening sun this day, though.

Lately, there has been an enormous note written in marker on the front door, instructing FedEx and UPS to go around back. What is she expecting? Deliveries from aliens?

Location: Portland, OR

Contributed by: Sarah Gilbert

2 Responses to “Tin Foil House and Deliveries from Aliens?”

  • Here in Portland? Has to be a medical grow house with 10-20 times the legal number of plants. Shipping department around back so no one can look in from the street and see what a green thumb the resident has.

  • Oh my goodness. I must have walked by this at some point. It just jumped out at me when I scrolled down the page — very strange feeling on the back of my neck.

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