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Christmas Tree in a Truck…in February

Christmas Tree in a Truck...in February
Hey, I’ve got an idea. When we’re done enjoying the Christmas tree in our living room, let’s leave it in the bed of our truck for a month or so. That way, the whole neighborhood can enjoy it!

Location: Portland, Oregon

Contributed by: Steven

Scene of the Crime: Missing Bulbs

missing bulbs

Some crazy person methodically took all of the bulbs from our strand of Christmas lights. They also did this to 5 of our neighbors.

Location: San Jose, CA USA

Contributed by: Scott

Peruvian Landscaping


As we prepared to sell our house, our Peruvian neighbor assembled this heap of garbage in front of her house. Note the Christmas Lights on the rain gutters, but the picture was taken in August!

Location: Aloha, Oregon, USA

Contributed by: Dan Bullard

Over the Top Christmas Lights

Over the Top Christmas Lights

Crazy neighbors tend to like Christmas lights … a lot of Christmas lights.

Location: Adelaide, South Australia.

Photo by Flickr user tarale used under Creative Commons.

Contributed by Dawn Foster.

Repurposed Halloween Decorations

Repurposed Halloween DecorationsCleverly kept up their Halloween decorations and just made them “Christmas-y” by adding Santa hats (okay submitted by the actual owner not the neighbor, but our neighbors would if they knew about the website!).

Location: Portland, OR

Submitted by: D