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We’re Expanding the House

We're Expanding the House

Neighbor has built an expansion (sans permit, of course) plus a gravel pit, plus impromptu parking space, on their side lawn for everyone to see.

Location: Vancouver, WA

Contributed by: Steven

Beware of Falling Debris


I wonder what we should beware of? Falling debris? Obsolete electronics coming back to life? What he might be keeping in that camper?

Location: Spokane, WA

Photo by Flickr user chrstphre used under Creative Commons.

Contributed by: Dawn Foster

Stonehenge Lawn


A crazy German neighbor who decided to make a stonehenge like creation on his front lawn. He said his mower was too small so he needed less lawn.

Location: Sterling, MA

Photo and description by Flickr user bucklava used under Creative Commons.

Contributed by: Dawn Foster

Crazy Ladies And Their Lawn Ornaments

crazy ladies

We lived in the upper half of a duplex and our crazy neighbors piled every piece of tacky crap into our shared lawn as you can imagine. Small wire fences, barrel pots, arches, ceramic deer and even a pink flamingo (not pictured). Not only that, but they were awful to live above. They called the police on us twice for “walking loudly.”

Location: Pullman, WA USA

Contributed by: Lance Haun

Bowling Ball Lawn Decor

Bowling Ball Lawn Decor

It was when I lived in SE Portland, OR.  That family had a habit of collecting EVERYTHING and then displaying it randomly on their front lawn.  For  a long period of time they had a toilet sitting right in lawn. I asked them about it and they told me they eventually planned on switching the toilet out with their broken one. To me it looked more like “come take our free toilet”.  They also had about 20 bikes all over the outside of their house. My roommate and I called them the kooks.

Contributed by: Katt Jones