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Christmas Tree in a Truck…in February

Christmas Tree in a Truck...in February
Hey, I’ve got an idea. When we’re done enjoying the Christmas tree in our living room, let’s leave it in the bed of our truck for a month or so. That way, the whole neighborhood can enjoy it!

Location: Portland, Oregon

Contributed by: Steven

We’re Expanding the House

We're Expanding the House

Neighbor has built an expansion (sans permit, of course) plus a gravel pit, plus impromptu parking space, on their side lawn for everyone to see.

Location: Vancouver, WA

Contributed by: Steven

Mannequin Heads on the Pickup Truck

Mannequin Heads on the Pickup Truck

Yes, those are mannequin heads on his pickup. He got them from a dumpster and drove around town with them on his truck.

Picture by Flickr user mattfred used under Creative Commons.

Contributed by: Dawn Foster.