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Pink Flamingos in Portland


With the appearance of the fake spring we had recently here in Portland, this flock of pink flamingos landed in my neighbor’s yard. They were strangely still and unmoving, almost like those little plastic pink flamingos that live mostly in retirement villages in the south. I prefer to think that no one would do this to their yard intentionally, so I choose to believe that it must have been a wild flock posing as the crappy plastic variety.

Location: Portland, OR

Contributed by: Dawn Foster

Peruvian Landscaping


As we prepared to sell our house, our Peruvian neighbor assembled this heap of garbage in front of her house. Note the Christmas Lights on the rain gutters, but the picture was taken in August!

Location: Aloha, Oregon, USA

Contributed by: Dan Bullard

The Mound that Ate the Neighborhood

The Mound That Ate the Neighborhood
Existing as long as we’ve been here, in the neighbor’s yard, is a junk heap that is the very definition of eyesore. I mean, you’ve got dirt, rocks, old building materials and, as the crowning glory, a tire.

Location: Ponder, Texas

Photo by Flickr user Kurt Nordstrom used under Creative Commons.

Contributed by Dawn Foster

A Hobo Carnival

A Hobo CarnivalIt looks like she set up a carnival back there and then burned it to the ground.

Note: I encourage you to visit the original Flickr page to read the comments and notes on the photo … hilarious!

Contributed by: Dawn Foster

Photo by Flickr user Erin used under Creative Commons.